Twin baby girls story. Day 34!

Busy busy busy I have been so busy!!! But so happy. Babies turned two months old last week on Monday. Can’t you believe that? I haven’t been able to do my daily post as I do but I’m gonna try to catch up to all days little by little . Days are passing by so fast and I try to capture her first three months every single day. For instance here is the pic from Monday if you compare this one with the one month old picture, you can see how much they have been grown.

I love this picture because it shows how quickly Cece is catching up. They had their first three shots when they went to the doctor and fortunately they were not moody or fuzzy.

Every day is definitely an adventure, specially in the afternoons. But, I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to see them grow and to take care of them.


Twin baby girls story Day 35!

Here we are!!! Jeje Loving to dress them, I have so much fun always picking up their clothes every morning. Last week on Tuesday we started something I called “The red hours” there is nothing I can do they will be fuzzy no matter what. And that is from 6:30 pm to 8:30 or 9:30 pm.

I also noticed once one starts either whining or crying, the other follows, so when I can, specially in the afternoons, one is with me in the living room and the other one is in the room sleeping. It seems to work and I keep trying to feed them, sleeping and everything at the same time.

Nights are same as always, nothing has changed, although, the doctor said they should be sleeping 6 hours apart from feedings at night, by now. Well, in my case this is not happening and I do not know for how long it will be this way. Something I know for sure, is that they will let me know when they are ready.

Twin baby girls story. Day 33!

Days are flying and every day I notice something new on them. They are going to have blue beautiful eyes, I am sure. Today they sleep during the day more than regular which surprised me. Off course around 7:00 pm they started being fuzzy and it went until around 8:30 pm. As I wrote before I am trying everything to avoid them for crying and being uncomfortable but it is really kink of impossible. Tonight, I tried to put a projector because they seem to enjoy lights and shades, they liked but again, 20 minutes later, they were back to normal, maybe tomorrow I am going to keep them more awake in the afternoon to see how they behave between those hours.

I am about to feed them and go to sleep too, I hope I can rest after the 3:00 am feeding. I could not go back to sleep easily, do not know why. I am wondering if this happen to you too moms and dads and what do you usually do during this time.

This weekend I will be posting a little surprise!!!

Twin baby girls story! Days 30, 31 and 32!

I know I haven’t been able to write the last two days but here is the update: “they are growing and definitely more awake”. During the day they are eating every 2.5 or 3 hours and I am feeding them 3.5 ounces now! Yes, they eat a lot!!! At night, 4 ounces and every 3.5, sometimes 4 hours in between. About the crankiness during late in the afternoon, they are still doing it but I am trying to figure things out, for instance, today was the best night in a long time.

Today was their first Halloween and I want to share with you all (as usual) the following pictures, I hope you like my Sassy and Feisty:

We did not go out because they do not have any vaccines yet, plus, Abbie has been congested the last two weeks, now she is good but Cece seems to have it now! I wanted to take a picture with out their pacifiers but here is what happened:

Happy Halloween 🎃 they are sleeping now, and I am about to start doing exercise and then go to sleep with them!

Twin baby girls story! Day 29.

Today the girls met their grandparents from their dad side. Despite all, first encounter was really nice. And also,?ti my surprise they behaved so good. The only part I did not like about today was and I guess it will be the time between 6:30 and 8:30. They are uncontrollable and I do not know why which makes me feel useless and with certain stress. Does any of your babies have moments where they are just not theirselves? How do you manage it? I tried different things and nothing worked. Finally I gave up, let them in their room while I went to search for their bottle, they didn’t drink the whole thing, I also changed their diapers and even after all this there were still angry and crying for like a half an hour until finally they fall asleep.

Twin baby girls story! Day 28!

My little grunter Cece. How cute is she!!! We had a good night and a great day. Now I am going to start to figure out what is happening between 7:00 pm and 9:00pm with them, specially with Abigail, she is something else between this hours, I try to put her to sleep and it did not work, then try to hold her in my lap, it did not work either, I tried to put her in he bumpy and that was probably the worst thing I did, she was just fuzzy. Now that I’m thinking… Was she probably showing me her temper? Is not too early for that? What was all that about? Sometimes I really do not have the answer, my last resource was giving her more food and she just took one once of breast milk but still fighting it. On the other hand tomorrow and during the weekend we will have some visitors, their grandparents (from their dad is side) are coming to meet them. I do not know what to except from them so I am wondering how everything is going to be…

Here is a picture of Abigail, so peaceful in her afternoon nap. This afternoon while I was by her side something special occurred. She was dreaming and in her dream she started laughing, it was so cute, her belly, her expressions, her mouth, everything happened so fast I was not able to recorded to share, but those little details are amazing. And, I can not help myself by enjoy every single moment with them!!!

Twin Baby girls story. Day 27!

What a good night and day we had!!! I proudly can say we are finally getting into a schedule at night and because of it I am sleeping between 3 or 4 hours and that is awesome! During the day mom is taking them for a walk in the stroller and then I am with them the whole time. Their grunting is still a big part of the day and between 6:30pm to 8:30pm they are always so uncomfortable. Then, everything is back to normal.

I am so happy I have been seeing them grow, it has been seven weeks already! Time flies. I was thinking I was going to be here until the end of January but it turns out my final day will be December the 21st. It is so sad… I wish I can stay longer, the only thing I don’t like about my job is that they are not going to be able to remember me while they will be always part of my life and heart!

Twin baby girls story! Day 26!

Mondays are getting harder and harder… I guess everybody spoiled them during the weekend and I have to suffer the consequences… and that is ok. I understand they are not sharing a lot of time with them during the week. Abbie is definitely a drama little queen, Cece is my grunter specialist and I have to say I love them. Even when they both start being cranky at the same time. On the other hand nights are getting easier and easier, they are sleeping good, I keep feeding them every 4, sometimes 4.5 hours. I am so happy I finally have kind of a schedule so I can start doing some exercise at night. During the day I do hand lettering, reading, their laundry and bottles while they are sleeping. Let’s see how this week is going to be!

Twin baby girls story. Day 25!

Today was not that much of a difference from yesterday. I am guessing they are getting what is called “growth spurts”. Now that I have been reading a lot trying to understand their behavior, this fits perfectly with what I have been sharing with you all. I don’t know about other babysitters, moms or dads but knowing what is going on makes me feel better and somehow it helps me to realize that all this, is just for a few days… You can not imagine how hard these last days have been affecting me, not just because I am sick, although, I am feeling a little bit better; but because it makes me wonder about my profession and what I do. For instance, I want to share some of the questions I have been asking myself during this week: How can I know for certain they are just crying for no reason? What if something is wrong and they are really sick? Should I change feedings to see if it would help with their crankiness? How can I stop once and for all their grunting? Is it even possible? Am I doing enough? Am I doing an excellent job? How can I be better? … there is more but I guess these ones are the ones I constantly repeat in my head. I guess I am just being really aware of what I do!!!

Twin baby girls story! Day 24

I just posted my day about yesterday Tuesday, I always forget to click publish… anyways, today Wednesday was espectacular until 6:00 pm. It is 8:40pm and finally I got to rest after 2:40 minutes of whining and crying for no reason, I started to think they are sick or something, but the doctor says if it’s more than 4 hours straight then you worry!!! I’m like… ok, fine. It’s has been 2:40 but it does not matter. I do not know if I worry too much or if this is totally normal, but it feels good to share all my days with you.

I have hope tomorrow will be a better day!

She is the one that has been crying and crying for no reason 😦 do not know what to do, other than keeping her in my arms which is kind of a bad idea cause then she will be spoiled.