From 2 to 7 years old


In this period of time is when your son is going to make you feel embarrass sometimes and it is fine, I mean, it happens… and it is at the same time so funny, because it is a good way to start keeping memories and specific situations with all the things they start catching from everywhere and everyone. This time is really amazing and I have a bunch of stories to talk about… Kids have such a great imagination and intelligence, is unavailable. There is also the stage when you have to create a routine in order to make him or her understand a lot of things. I know some moms that try to teach them to be organized for example at age of 5 and by that time it is really late because he has been watching you four years picking up his or her mess, I use to start to teach them as soon as they start walking. I sing the cleaning song and try to make everything  fun for every situation, it is the best you can do.

Another example of routine is the bed or nap time,  some moms are always asking me and telling me they do not go to sleep easily when I am with them. Well, the answer is: Because you are being so flexible, once you said it is time to go to sleep is in fact, an order, do not allow them to start making something I call “The nap show”. Here, some tips that can help you with this situation: you can negotiate after or before going nap time. I always say something like: ok kids time to go to sleep, when you wake up from your nap, we can do what whatever you want, like go outside if weather permits, or play in the basement with one of the toys they can not reach, or call one of their neighbor is friends to come and join us… If they are easy going, this is more than enough. If there is allow  to watch some TV shows in the house, then you can use it too, before or after: it is time to go to sleep and if you are a good listener, when you wake up we can watch one episode of your favorite show, but if you start whining or coming in and out from your bed, then no show. Something I always try to do, is read for them before going to sleep, even if they want to read the same one, try to read it in different ways, showing different faces and emotions. I remember one of my kids telling me: “You are funny Diana.”


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