How to know when a teenager is using drugs and how to react and help in this situation?


Is it hard to deal with a teenager sometimes: moodiness, laziness, sedentary, and I can keep going, but one of the ones is really important to detect is drugs and alcohol, and if you have been passed for this kind of situation, I would like to hear more about it. Now days there is a lot to watch out for, tough is hard, do not forget LOVE and support is the clue for everything. I am not a pro but is not a secret this will help, trying always to talk without losing patience or raising your voice would work in any kind of situation.

Why? is the question is rounded my head when I am thinking about teenagers using drugs and it could be more than a hundred of answers to this question, like: Parents divorce, no caring fathers, neither family, bulling, fun, friends advice, depression, comparisons, etc. It stars with Marijuana and could end in dead and with this I mean heroin or any kind of overdose, it is so sad to think in future when you have a teenager with this problem. Make them to realize how important they are as a human being and all the things he or she can do with their lives is really challenging and your way to show the good path is a clue. How we can prevent this to happen? I want you to help me with some more answers.

I found some informative videos I think may help:

How to prevent your child from using drugs. This link will send you to 9 videos that can be very helpfull, they are all short but very specific.

  How to know if your children do drugs. This video is from 2009 but the pathology does not change, so it is good.


From 8 years to 16 years old.


Well, this area is for me, is like a Pandora box. Here, your advice is going to be awesome for me, I do not have too much experience in this range of age, but I hope to find somebody to help me and help others. Right now, I am a step mom of a 13 year old boy, so… I know, I am going to have a lot of to ask, a lot of to say, a lot of to do…

There is a lot going on here, now that they think they know everything, how can you get closer??? I know in general, the clue for everything is patience, but what if in some cases patience is not enough??? Or what if being patience is not an option??? How can I show my child I really care about him without staring a fight??? I mean, being a mom or a real dad it is not an easy job. Parents here is what you deserve: Love, respect and dedication. Every mom I know, more than an angel is such a warrior… if sometimes there is some mistakes… Do not worry, keep on mind there is always a second and a third change and you can be better. This is one of the reason why I created this space… I know there is more people like me that want to be better, talking about raising a child… and there is also a lot of people like me, with a bunch of stories to tell and that will help us to learn.