Sometimes it is good to share your experiences, sometimes people can learn from others what they can do to improve whatever situation they are passing trough. This blog is one more help or hand, for moms and babysitters around the world, looking for some answers about kids behavior, from newborns to teenagers, but specially newborns to 8 years old. This is not just a simple advice or a number of rules to follow: you should do this, or that, or according with… I want it to be more confidential based in our own experiences… Is what I have been doing for more than 6 years and it is worth it. Most of the time not every thing you read works, but the clue is, never get tired trying, trying and trying. In the other hand, if you are just looking for a place to let your stress or frustration from different situations related with kids care, here we are, this is the correct place to do so.

I hope to create a good community of moms and babysitters, in order to work as the perfect team and that way help each other. So, go mom, go babysitter, we are protective angels for these little ones until they start doing everything by their selves and being conscious. I know it is not an easy job,  every day has something new to learn, to teach and share. Enjoy this space, and express your point of view, if you are frustrating, happy or sad. Just share, leave a comment and we can help each other.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. K. Caffee says:

    Wonderful concept, and I wish you the world of success. Helping youngsters not only realize they have potential, but showing them the steps needed to REACH that potential in a world that says the responsibility belongs to someone else is something to be cherished.

    I don’t have any two footed children around – just the furry four leg kind. But, I deeply respect, and appreciate others with children who desire, and want to be a part of their children’s lives. Even if you are one step removed.

    Will be following along, because I find inspiration in watching others inspire. Thank you, and may 2015 bring you a wonderful happy New Year.

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      • K. Caffee says:

        Yeah, I’ve been around this platform a little under a year, and I’m still finding new nifties to play with. If you have time, look up Harsh Reality – the opinionated man’s blog. He’s got some wonderful articles on how to work with a blog and really help it take off. Just be aware, he deliberately tries to come across as… well… harsh. But, he’s a wonderful person under the bark.

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