Twin baby girls story Day 35!

Here we are!!! Jeje Loving to dress them, I have so much fun always picking up their clothes every morning. Last week on Tuesday we started something I called “The red hours” there is nothing I can do they will be fuzzy no matter what. And that is from 6:30 pm to 8:30 or 9:30 pm.

I also noticed once one starts either whining or crying, the other follows, so when I can, specially in the afternoons, one is with me in the living room and the other one is in the room sleeping. It seems to work and I keep trying to feed them, sleeping and everything at the same time.

Nights are same as always, nothing has changed, although, the doctor said they should be sleeping 6 hours apart from feedings at night, by now. Well, in my case this is not happening and I do not know for how long it will be this way. Something I know for sure, is that they will let me know when they are ready.


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