Twin baby girls story. Day 33!

Days are flying and every day I notice something new on them. They are going to have blue beautiful eyes, I am sure. Today they sleep during the day more than regular which surprised me. Off course around 7:00 pm they started being fuzzy and it went until around 8:30 pm. As I wrote before I am trying everything to avoid them for crying and being uncomfortable but it is really kink of impossible. Tonight, I tried to put a projector because they seem to enjoy lights and shades, they liked but again, 20 minutes later, they were back to normal, maybe tomorrow I am going to keep them more awake in the afternoon to see how they behave between those hours.

I am about to feed them and go to sleep too, I hope I can rest after the 3:00 am feeding. I could not go back to sleep easily, do not know why. I am wondering if this happen to you too moms and dads and what do you usually do during this time.

This weekend I will be posting a little surprise!!!


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