Twin Baby girls story! Day 21.

Yesterday night was good from 9:00 pm until 2:30 am I slept good so good and I am so happy about it. Abbe is still congested but today she seems a little bit better. Cece is not sick at all, she is my little grunter. In fact in the picture above she is grunting lol! Today we didn’t have any visits because of the weather it was raining almost the whole day. They were part awake part sleep but the behave so far so good through the day. Tonight has been a little bit crazy, for the first time I had to put their big brother and sister to sleep and it was chaos for me like for half an hour. Usually their little sister go to sleep easily but tonight was the exception, she jumped out of her crib six times until she finally fall asleep, it was a little bit exhausting going up and down the stairs because by that time I was feeding the babies. Generally, the one that always is hard to put to sleep is their brother but, not tonight. He did I cried for a little bit then he was fine and he did not fight me to go to sleep, instead, I read four book and then he was fine. I’m feeding the babies right now to go for my 4 hour stretch the thing is their parents are not here yet, I don’t not know if I should wait or go to sleep with the babies as usual. I guess I will wait, because what if one of their brother wake up?… What a night!!!


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