Twins baby girls story! Day 20


Yesterday we had a better night, that is for sure! The girls are feeling a little bit better. Abbie is more congested than Cece. But Cece grunts more than Abbe, so there you go.
I am happy when I got to sleep 6 hours a day, I wish all my nights were like last night. Today the girls had a special visit, they received a blessing from the priest from the church where they belong, he came here and it was so special, he is also organizing a mass for them during Thanksgiving to celebrate live. How nice is that!!!

During the afternoon they were very alert, the did not eat more than 3 or 2.5 oz which is fine and I can notice the air purifier is working. I am so glad I suggested it and also, I am happy they always listen to what I have to say about everything. Communication is everything and thanks God, this family is amazing.

I just finished feeding them and I am about to go for my 4 hour sleep. Let’s see what the night – morning awaits!!!



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