Twin baby girls story! Day 11

I want to share with you something special and I would like to know if some of you have something like this passing on from generation to generation. This is the bassinet who have been carried the heritage of this family. The babies mother, grand mother and great great grand mother, as well as their children. Is not that amazing!!!! I mean at first I was kind of scared putting the babies in there lol!


They told me that when they know the sex of the baby they always change the colors around it and the little ribbons inside. But since William was born three years ago, they decided to leave like this. A mix between pink and blue and I think it looks so beautiful.


Everything is washable and I change their bed every two or three day maximum. I have to admit I have a problem with cleaning and I can not see any spot or dirtiness even in their outfit because I change it immediately. Every single day I am washing burping clothes, outfits, blankets, sheets, etc.


So, what do you think? Do you like it? Do you have something special to pass from generation to generation? I forgot to write the babies sleep so good in here, and as always they are eating and sleeping. Abbie is the one that most of the time sleep in the bassinet because she is a little bit heavy and bigger. Cece sleeps next to her in a bed stroller and it is also comfortable.



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