Twin baby girls story! Day 10

What Can I say about my Tuesday?

Today I will be posting my Tuesday and Wednesday days with the girls. Tomorrow I will be posting about my Thursday and Friday.  The babies are getting more active during the day between 1:00pm to 3:00pm, they are with their little eyes bright open and they started following things, they are really cute. My night was busy as usual, but I love what I do. Here is a picture feeding them at 2:30am. I am usually holding the bottles but I wanted to share my night-morning feeding time with you all.


It is a double boppy and I love it. During the day, I feed them one after the other one, or at the same time in this ones that I also like:


As the instructions said, it is not safe to let them sleep in there. As soon as I am done feeding them, I have a special place to put them. The double buppy stays in their room and the single ones in the living room which is where I spend most of the day with them.



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